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1883-CC $1 PCGS MS65DMPL 21828191   This coin has a lot of positive attributes that make if a nice addition to any collection.  Start with the fact that Morgan Dollars are one of the most highly collected American coins. There are legions of dollar collectors who appreciate the rarity and beauty of Morgans and are building sets.  Next, this coin is from the fabled Carson City Mint.  Carson City brings to mind the Wild West, cowboys, Kit Carson, the Comstock Lode, the westward expansion of America, out Manifest Destiny.  There is just somethng about Carson City coinage that gives them a unique spot in numismatics and a special place in the hearts of coins collectors.  Of all the many coin collector groups and clubs, only one is dedicated exclusively to the coinage of a single mint and that group is the Carson City Coin Collectors of America.  CC coins are special.  As noted in the grade, this coin has Deep Mirror Proof Like surfaces.  PCGS, since 1986, has graded just 774 1883-CC Morgans as MS65 DMPL, only 134 as MS66 DMPL, and only two as MS67 DMPL.  In the realm of Morgan Dollars these are not large numbers.  With mirrored fields and lighty frosted devices, this coin also has great eye appeal.  This bright white coin brings a lot a bang for the buck and is a very affordable, high end Carson City Morgan.