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1916-D MERCURY DIME NGC XF40 CAC  1922958-011    The coin ranked Number 45 among the Greatest 100 U.S. coins, the 1916-D Mercury Dime, is one of the most popular of all 20th century coins.  Although known as the Mercury Dime, designer Alolph A. Weinman meant for the wings on Miss Liberty's cap to represent freedom of thought, but most people assumed Miss Liberty was a visage of the Roman messenger-god Mercury and thus the coin became known as the Mercury Head dime.  In 1916 Philadelphia produced the vast majority of dimes with the San Francisco Mint minting most of the rest.  The Denver Mint, almost an afterthought during the production of dimes in 1916, produced barely one hundreth of the dimes that came from Philadelphia.  With a Denver mintage of just 264,000 compared to Philadelphia's mintage of over 22 million, the 1916-D dime was rare from the moment it left the Min, and it is not hard to see why it became so popular with collectors.  The 1916-D dime's ranking in the top 100 shows this popularity continues to this day.   The price guides of both PCGS and Coin World list an XF 40, non-CAC, example at $5,750 making this coin very attactive at the listing price, especially considering it has CAC approval.