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1942/1 MERCURY DIME PCGS XF45 CAC  21783070   This overdate variety is the most popular and in demand of all varieties in the Mercury Dime series.  The overdate came about during the making of the dies which are made using hubs.  Prior to the 1990s two impressions from the hub were required for the die to be completed.  Between the first and second impressions dies underwent an annealing process to soften the metal.  The Mint began making dies for 1942 dimes in September of 1941 and at the same time were still making needed dies for the 1941 production.  On this particular coin the first impression on the new die was made by a 1941 hub but the second impression came from a 1942 hub.  At least two dies were made in this manner, one of which was used at the Philadelphia Mint and the other was send to the Denver Mint.  The overdate was discovered fairly quickly and was first mentioned in the March 1943 issue of The Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine.   Often unnoticed, the overdate also displays a doubled die obverse.  Althought the die doubling is relatively minor and generally requires magnification to observe, the overdate is quite obvious and can be seen with the naked eye.  The ease of observing the overdate greatly lends to its popularity and demand.