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1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent NGC XF45 BN 2205181-005  Considered the Holy Grail of Lincoln Cents, the importance of this key date coin is confirmed by it being ranked Number 19 among our nation's greatest 100 coins.  1909-S VDB Cents are sought not just by Lincoln Cent collectors but by virtually all coin enthusiasts, which puts constant pressure on the very limited number of specimens available.   It has always been the custom for the designers of coins to place their intials or a specific mark on a coin they created, in effect "signing" their work.   The designer of the Lincoln Cent, Victor David Brenner, placed his initials on the reverse, at the bottom.   Although the VDB initials are small,  to the public they were very prominent and a groundswell of dispproval led the Mint to quickly remove the offending VDB.  As both the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints struck cents in 1909, the removal of the initals created four different 1909 Lincoln Cents: 1909, 1909 VDB, 1909-S and 1909-S VDB.  By the time the intials were removed the Philadelphia Mint has produced 27,995,000 VDB cents, but the San Francisco Mint had made just 484,000.  The mintage of the 1909-S VDB is by far the lowest mintage of any Lincoln Cent.   This coin has a great history and there simply more collectors wanting the coin than their are coin available.